Why You Need A Pre-Built eCommerce Platform

Why You Need A Pre-Built eCommerce Platform

Spoilt for choice:

The eCommerce market is huge and promising. There are options dime a dozen. If you are a beginner then it might be a bit difficult for you to know how to pick and choose the right one for yourself. It is likely that initially you will be in a state of utter confusion as to what to choose. For example, there are platforms out there that may seem to be really simple but they may not be able to cut the mark for your business. Then there may be the sites that you think that may really work wonders for you but again they may seem to be too pricey for the shoestring budget that you may be at the outset.

Custom eCommerce site:

If you are somebody who wants to stand out of the crowd then custom e commerce site may very well be for you. The customized site will cut out all other competition from the market because the site is specifically designed for you and will be hosted by you. You are the king of your own site. You can design the templates and the store design. You can also determine your shopping cart options and your check out mode. While the custom e Commerce site may look very attractive for the advantages of freedom of choice and the ability to change with time and the change in business style, it is always recommended to put in your little toe and test the waters before jumping into it.

If eCommerce is your cup of tea, you will come to know about it in some time. It is therefore wiser to shift to a custom built platform only after you are confident in the new environment and you have acquired sufficient knowledge of how business needs to be run in this new kind of mode.

A pre built platform is safer than a custom designed one:

When you are starting out in the online world, we highly recommend that you choose a pre built eCommerce platform before you graduate to designing one for yourself. The advantages of using a site that is already there is as follows:

  • Less strain on the budget:

Let’s say that you have recently decided to go the digital way and all you have is experience in running a brick and mortar set up. If you do not have the expertise to code and run your own custom eCommerce site, then employing a web development agent may cause a big chunk of investment for you. Add to this that you are still experimenting with this medium and you do not want to lose your hard earned money in case the online business does not click for you.

  • Ease of use:

There are thousands of businesses worldwide that run on pre built eCommerce sites and are clocking in decent margins. There are sites that are suitable for all kinds of businesses and there is a high chance of stumbling upon a site and a template on it which will be just right for the kind of business that you carry. The question is why will you need to take a lot of trouble on yourself when there is a generic site which can cater to fit your business like a T?


  • Learning the ropes with the community of traders:

You can be sure that when you host your online shop on a prebuilt eCommerce site there will be other members of your community who would have done likewise. Look at this as an opportunity to get a mine of information regarding the benefits and the challenges of this form of trading. The wealth of information you collect here can form your knowhow when you are ready to host your own custom eCommerce site.

Here are some of the factors that you will need to keep in mind if you are in a limbo deciding which prebuilt site you can zero in on:

  1. The nature of your stock: your stock will determine which prebuilt site is good for you. For example: If you trade in heavy stock which has to be physically delivered to your customers then you may want to consider a site which also supports your logistic requirements.
  2. Smooth integration of your business processes: the prebuilt site must efficiently and smoothly be able to integrate into your existing system and style of carrying on business. Any major changes in the style may mean that you have to scrape the existing system and start from the scratch.
  3. Choosing the template design: the decision of choosing the best template that will reflect your business style and values is something that you will need to deliberate a lot upon. The template should be the real image of the company that you want to portray to the world and your customers.
  4. The compatibility of your host website with third parties: You must do an intensive research on the compatibility of the website with third parties like payment and check out security agencies.

A last word on the need to using a prebuilt eCommerce site is that they are ready to use as soon as you sign on the dotted lines. Everything is readymade for you. All you need to do is to sell your wares!