9 Tips And Tricks For Your Webpage

9 Tips And Tricks For Your Webpage

Once you have decided to set up your own website, you start worrying about how to draw the maximum traffic on it. There are millions and millions of websites and Man! It’s a tough world out there. You are forever struck on thoughts of how to attract the most number of mouse clicks on your page?

If yes, then this one is for you. Join me as I take you through some of the best and the most practical way to clock in the most number of clicks and visits and at the same time also keep people asking for more.

  1. Keep your URL address apt:

The URL or the Universal Resource Locator is the address to your site. It is unique to your creation and is the identity of your file or other resource that is uploaded on the internet. Search engines like Google give extreme weightage to the first few words on your URL and therefore you must try to have the most apt few words at the start of it for it to be chosen to be on the top.


  1. Keep your target audience in mind while choosing your URL:

You must keep in mind the audience that you want to cater to and name your URL accordingly. You cannot for example talk about the benefits of the California Apples on a site that you will name as sweetmangoes.com. Most certainly, the search engine is going to miss your site when it is searching for website on the California Apples.


  1. Your URL must be short and crisp:

You must avoid long URLs like plague. They not only look a bit ugly but they also sound rhetorical and are hard to remember. A lot of people who are into research cannot bother to remember too many long URLs even though the content on them may be the best.


  1. You must start the title with the keyword:

Remember always that the title tag of your content is extremely important and that is precisely why you must most definitely use the keyword in the title itself. It is not a coincidence that the pages with the keywords in the title are chosen to be on the top of the stack by all the search engines. Say, for practical reasons that you are not above to accommodate the keyword to be the first word on your title then strive to have the keyword as closest to the first word as possible. But it is imminent that the keyword be there in the title tag itself.


  1. Try adding some modifiers to your title:

This is one cheat that works for everyone. In simplest terms, a modifier can be a word which is mostly an adjective or an adverb or a phrase that can help put you on the top of all pages. when these modifiers are added to titles of the web pages, the search engine tend to pick them up along with other pages and puts it on the top of the search results.


Some the most successful modifiers that give the expected results are

  • A comprehensive guide
  • A detailed study
  • The best of 2016…
  • The most famous of
  • The best in the category and so on.


  1. Use the HTML H1 tag to your benefit:

Some of the blogging sites use the H1 tag as the title tag of the blog and the web pages or add to the title of the page. In case this is not automatically done, then it would be wise to wrap the title of your web page in the H1 tag. The H1 tag is the header tag in the program.


If you know how to check out on the code of the website, you may realize that sometimes the website does this to increase the word size of the blog. There may be also more than one H1 tags available in the code. If that be the case you can use the H1 tag to add your keyword and head your page to the top of the request list!


  1. Make your webpage interesting with multimedia:

Using multimedia like images, videos and gifs can highly increase the attractiveness of your web page content. It has been seen that people hook up faster and stay on longer if they are engaged with pictures and other multimedia.


  1. Use your Keywords in the first 100 words of your article:

This is extremely smart hack to get your web page there. At least once you need to drop your keyword in the beginning of the page for the Search engine to pick it up and bring it on the top of the list.


  1. Have you turned mobile friendly yet?

If your website is not mobile friendly, then you do not stand a bright chance. The recent trend is that people do more research on their smart phones than they were doing even a year ago. So buck up! There are plenty of companies out there that will help you with all these points if you really haven’t got a clue about SEO including other factors such as offpage, look for ecommerce SEO if that if your niche or otherwise find a company that suits your website type.

These are just some of the most basic tips to increase the traffic on your pages. Try them and be surprised!

Why You Need A Pre-Built eCommerce Platform

Why You Need A Pre-Built eCommerce Platform

Spoilt for choice:

The eCommerce market is huge and promising. There are options dime a dozen. If you are a beginner then it might be a bit difficult for you to know how to pick and choose the right one for yourself. It is likely that initially you will be in a state of utter confusion as to what to choose. For example, there are platforms out there that may seem to be really simple but they may not be able to cut the mark for your business. Then there may be the sites that you think that may really work wonders for you but again they may seem to be too pricey for the shoestring budget that you may be at the outset.

Custom eCommerce site:

If you are somebody who wants to stand out of the crowd then custom e commerce site may very well be for you. The customized site will cut out all other competition from the market because the site is specifically designed for you and will be hosted by you. You are the king of your own site. You can design the templates and the store design. You can also determine your shopping cart options and your check out mode. While the custom e Commerce site may look very attractive for the advantages of freedom of choice and the ability to change with time and the change in business style, it is always recommended to put in your little toe and test the waters before jumping into it.

If eCommerce is your cup of tea, you will come to know about it in some time. It is therefore wiser to shift to a custom built platform only after you are confident in the new environment and you have acquired sufficient knowledge of how business needs to be run in this new kind of mode.

A pre built platform is safer than a custom designed one:

When you are starting out in the online world, we highly recommend that you choose a pre built eCommerce platform before you graduate to designing one for yourself. The advantages of using a site that is already there is as follows:

  • Less strain on the budget:

Let’s say that you have recently decided to go the digital way and all you have is experience in running a brick and mortar set up. If you do not have the expertise to code and run your own custom eCommerce site, then employing a web development agent may cause a big chunk of investment for you. Add to this that you are still experimenting with this medium and you do not want to lose your hard earned money in case the online business does not click for you.

  • Ease of use:

There are thousands of businesses worldwide that run on pre built eCommerce sites and are clocking in decent margins. There are sites that are suitable for all kinds of businesses and there is a high chance of stumbling upon a site and a template on it which will be just right for the kind of business that you carry. The question is why will you need to take a lot of trouble on yourself when there is a generic site which can cater to fit your business like a T?


  • Learning the ropes with the community of traders:

You can be sure that when you host your online shop on a prebuilt eCommerce site there will be other members of your community who would have done likewise. Look at this as an opportunity to get a mine of information regarding the benefits and the challenges of this form of trading. The wealth of information you collect here can form your knowhow when you are ready to host your own custom eCommerce site.

Here are some of the factors that you will need to keep in mind if you are in a limbo deciding which prebuilt site you can zero in on:

  1. The nature of your stock: your stock will determine which prebuilt site is good for you. For example: If you trade in heavy stock which has to be physically delivered to your customers then you may want to consider a site which also supports your logistic requirements.
  2. Smooth integration of your business processes: the prebuilt site must efficiently and smoothly be able to integrate into your existing system and style of carrying on business. Any major changes in the style may mean that you have to scrape the existing system and start from the scratch.
  3. Choosing the template design: the decision of choosing the best template that will reflect your business style and values is something that you will need to deliberate a lot upon. The template should be the real image of the company that you want to portray to the world and your customers.
  4. The compatibility of your host website with third parties: You must do an intensive research on the compatibility of the website with third parties like payment and check out security agencies.

A last word on the need to using a prebuilt eCommerce site is that they are ready to use as soon as you sign on the dotted lines. Everything is readymade for you. All you need to do is to sell your wares!

Finding Inspiration For Creative Writing

Finding Inspiration For Creative Writing

Finding Inspiration For Creative Writing For a writer, inspiration isn’t only a thing that is desired; it is an important element of the creative writing process. However much you might be enthusiastic about writing, there will be days when you have a need for inspiration from another or one muse, and at times, it may come in the unlikeliest sources. Every writer must discover inspiration to be able to create inspired writing – whether it’s in the type of song, short story, poetry, a novel as well as journal entry or a straightforward site post. Here are a few of the very most frequent sources of inspiration which can be utilized to create a masterpiece.


You cannot in the event that you are not a voracious reader, be a great at creative writing. Read something new, an old favorite or a piece from an author you haven’t heard of. Read something that triggers your emotions – something that inspires you as well as allows you to weep or laugh. There is nothing wrong with finding inspiration in the work of others. Reading what others have written may be enough to trigger several thoughts you’ll not have had. Only from taking a look at the way an author writes, it is possible to come up slowly and with angles on their work transition into a totally new creation.

Nature as well as the Outside

Creative writing can be inspired trekking the outside and by leaving your present atmosphere. Have a walk in the park or go camping. Ride your bike or play in your backyard along with the kids. Value the rolling landscapes and sceneries you’re surrounded with. See the insects crawling plants along and pay attention to the birds. Have a look at the easy things in life that adds to your own creative procedures. The sights, scents of nature, and sounds are all quite strong resources of inspiration. Make an effort to find out everyday things from a standpoint that is new, and also you just might find inspiration to get a narrative that is new.

Something New

Your imagination will come into a dead end, in the event you participate in identical tasks daily. But by attempting something new, you will be given another experience that will feed your inspiration. Spend time creating something in using a medium besides words. It will not have to be an extreme sport or death-defying trick – even simple things like gardening, cooking or painting can help you come up with new ideas for creative writing. You’d be surprised how one creative activity frequently leads to another.


Dreams certainly are an often and wonderful untapped resource for inspiring creative writing. Just such as the outside, to get inspiration you should participate together. Dreams are considered a story composed of a bunch of topics, unconnected ideas and whims preoccupy and that issue you. Therefore, they possess the capacity to fuel inspiring insights that belong to you personally and you alone. With collecting inspiration the single challenge is the inability to recall them shortly after awakening from slumber. So that itis wise to keep a diary next to your own bed. While they’re fresh in the mind, by doing this it is possible to capture the events right when you awaken you.

You do not have to live an amazing life to locate sources of inspiration. They’re all around you. Like every resource worth having, the inspiration you’ll need will not arrive on its own. Keep ear open and your eyes –
constantly looking for sources that are inspirational. You will not be aware of how deep it may impact your capability to produce a masterpiece.

How To Write Fiction

How To Write Fiction

As a fervent fiction writer, I’ve gone trough every one of the steps on the best way to write a novel fiction, but lots of folks for a few guidance with this matter have asked me. That’s exactly what this post is about, guidance to turn your fiction seem like a rusty old piece of paper just like a diamond rather than a. You must get the correct mindset when you need to begin compose a fiction novel. Your publication will appear such as the story of your life since in the event you consider the issues you might have in your individual life. As those issues will be reflected by you in your publication. Make an effort to look for a spot where it is quiet and with all some area that you will be quite comfortable with the proper ambiance, and you are not bothered by anybody there. This can be a vital variable, tend not to go over it.

After you found your area that is silent, do not begin writing right away. By visualizing the universe of your publication, start, envision each of your characters in as much detail as possible. Make an effort to place yourself in that world, make an effort to imagine if you had been living because world, how would it be. You won’t only write faster, but it is possible to write with increased fire as a result, it is possible to compose with increased detail. Believe it or not believe it, individuals can “see” trough your publication plus they’ll learn whether you merely made the novel “only so that you make it”. Do not make the same error that the majority of folks do, don’t attempt to make it perfect in the first attempt when you commence composing.

I guarantee you that, should you attempt to do you will fail. You should do not go into too much detail and always only sortan outline the world, the characters. In doing this it’ll be easier as you have the essential world and characters down on paper that you compose the last novel better, and in order to concentrate on more in-depth things when you truly make your final publication. These are my easy strategies to write a fiction novel, I might have written more but the it is going to not be overly short and you’d get bored.

If you’d like to have more information on the best way to write a novel fiction, I urge a guide witch I read when I believe it has helped me a lot, and began to write fiction.

Stress Relief Through Creative Writing

Stress Relief Through Creative Writing

Creative writing could be a potent instrument for pressure relief. Here’s the way that it works:

Compose by what bugs you, either or as poetry.

There have been scientific studies on this that revealed that it actually works. You are taking the material that is festering deep inside you and bringing it outside in the open. It is a “mind dump”. Once it is on a sheet of paper, firstly, it’s a great deal less power. You can also tear the paper into shreds and so ruin what is teasing you.

Shaping feelings and your ideas requires this process one step farther. Actually, turning distress into poetry may be quite self-empowering.

I am a poet now, among other things, complete using an extremely trendy printed book of poetry (with a “real” publisher!): Typical C-Cup. But I was not always even a particularly great writer — or a poet. Until I ‘d breast cancer, I did not begin writing poetry.

In those days, writing helped me cope with all my anxieties and the treatments. Turning a few of the results and then journaling helped me recover a feeling of control and transcend the pain. I shape it and really could take my encounter. What power!

Here’s among the poems about that time:

I am Here Now

Metathraxate, Cyclophosphamate, As well as the antiemetic Ondansetron – every first and second Thursday As I lie, they drip into my vein in a Barcalounger, feet upward, reading New Yorker cartoons and Reader’s Digest’s Campus Comedy. I enjoyed the Barcalounger I purchased one.

How have you been feeling? Everybody inquires, However, they do not need to understand. They need me to say I am fine but I do not, so they quit.

The scalpel cutting into my breast Sliced it Taking the offending part out Having a margin of error.

When it was talked about by the nurses, They called it CA. Never cancer. Did they do that for my benefit or theirs?

Seventy percent five-year survival rate means five years following the investigation, Thirty percent are not alive.

Then I tell myself it does not matter for now. I really could be beaten by a falling plane Tomorrow, on my evening walk. Three months I might dwell, or three years, or thirty, and there are two hot cups of coffeeon my breakfast table.

You also may wish to use composing poems about whatever it’s that allows you to feel down (they do not have to be “great” in the conventional sense). However, sometimes it is helpful to aim to get a much more ambitious form, a sonnet for instance, because one among the advantages of composing poetry lies in recovering your power and taking control of it, shaping it in whatever way you would like and taking that life expertise that is aggravating.

Here’s another poem, a villanelle, on repeating lines and rhyme schemes, with quite strict rules. Working to shape the experience to match to the type truly helped me get from the self pity zone.


I go to war, a needle in my vein For chemo drugs destroy and to locate the cells Outside to ruin me. I will not let them get an inch.

Twice I feign and show up Bravado as the scents lie, eyes shut, In my vein, needle of war around me.

I clear my chemo days of all that is inane. Basking in Wagner’s operas quells My urge let cancer increase on me.

Singing Valkyres keep me sane, remind me I ‘ve power to conquer hell’s cells – those needles will not have been in vain.

Warm showers after wash the pain away With aromas of gardenia bath gels and lilacs, breakfast on my balcony helps me recover.

Strength as I breathe following the morning rain; Croissants, Mocha Java that is hot, all that tells Me I lose and fight my vein The cancer is killed by to: There is too much to get.

Likely the simplest type to get a newbie poet, haiku, might be an excellent spot to begin in the event you want to experiment with turning feelings and your experiences into poetry:

Composing poetry Can allow you to survive rough times, And come out flourishing.

Ok, that isn’t a haiku that is very great, and it was not especially meant to be, though it does fit into the straightforward 5-7-5 syllable type. The important thing will be to get a great time with it. Why do not you attempt to write one yourself? How about right now?